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Sports Sponsorship Innovator Ishveen Jolly & Special Guest, Ishveen’s Mother, Dr Jolly

May 24, 2022

In this extra-special episode of Elevate, Ramita is joined by not only a pioneer in sports sponsorship, Ishveen Jolly but also her mother, Dr Jolly. Ramita and her two guests unpack generational and cultural differences as women from Asia, along with discussions surroundings the reluctance of women to pursue sports as they become older.

Ishveen Jolly is the founder and CEO of OpenSponsorship, the largest two-sided marketplace for sports sponsorship that helps connect brands to athletes. Ishveen believes that sponsorship is the best form of marketing that brands can leverage to tell their story, whether that is by putting their logo on a footballer’s shirt or using an athlete’s social media presence to bring a brand to life. OpenSponsorship allows brands and athletes to connect in an easy, accessible way that simply didn’t exist before.

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